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SU MARKET`s En-Gross sales facility for vegetables and fresh fruits is located in Ilfov county, Afumati city, No. 92, “Linia de centura dreapta” Street which is within the nearby location of Afumati Bridge, having a total area of 110.000 square meters, owned and coordinated by SU MARKET SRL Company.

The value of investment for the terrain, utilities and construction overcomes 50 million EUR in total.

The building reaches approximately 30.000 square meters, the difference of 40.000 square meters being filled with access platforms for the cars and utilities really needed in an environment like this: retention pool, water pumps, wastewater treatment plants, hydrocarbon separators, post production, security cabins, parking lots and much more.


All deposit spaces are equipped with refrigeration appliances and electronic scales so that customers benefit of quick and quality services. Sandwich panels have been used a lot when it came to building the facility in order to keep temperatures at the desired levels in each unit, this being a must when it comes to quality.

Interior platforms have been build with state of the art technology on manufacturing special concrete floors.

When it comes to exterior platforms, these have a overwhelming capacity of 400 cars at the same time. The materials that have been used are industrial concrete reinforced with metallic fibers where we implemented fire rings with 8 hydrants especially designed to overcome any arson situation.

Deposit spaces and Administrative Wing have also been built using European standards, some of which we mentioned above.

All constructions within the complex have drainage systems for underground waters.

Our complex has 125 individual deposit spaces on a staggering 198 square meters each and an administrative wing that was also build with a ground plus two floors.

Within the administrative wing, we host a few banks like Credit Europe Bank (266 square meters) and Garanti Bank (also 266 square meters) within two big spaces designed to serve a lot of clients at the same time. Besides all that, SU MARKET`s Bucharest Complex also hosts other serious businesses like currency exchange, restaurants, medicine laboratories and many more.

Due to our keen position and the great storage capacity, SU MARKET`s Bucharest facility has been named Su Market – Logistics Center of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables – thing which we are proud of.

SU MARKET has become a standard for other companies so we are the starting point of prices on fresh vegetables and fresh fruits when it comes to the real market – in terms of quality and not only. Prices control is very important, as the end customers have to buy at normal price rates even when it comes to the holidays – again quality being a must.

Our portfolio or renters or actual storage buyers are Romanian companies but also Israeli, Greek, Italian, Turkish, Arab and Chinese – companies that share the thought of quality as we do too. We have a lot of vegetable and exotic fruit manufacturers as well.

Building this facility has had a great social impact on the development of this area. A lot of jobs have been created for the people around – to be more exact – 1200 jobs. Also the 125 companies working in this facility have had a great deal of financial contribution to the central and local budget of the town hall Afumati.


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