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Su Market Commercial Complex for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Wholesale is a facility located in Ilfov province, Afumati town, Strada Linia de Centura Dreapta No. 92 (next to the Afumati Bridge, which crosses the Bucharest Ring Road), built on a 70,000 sqm plot of land owned by SU MARKET SRL.
The value of the investment, representing the land + buildings + facilities, exceeded EUR 50 million.
The built surface of this complex is around 30,000 sqm, the difference up to 70,000 sqm, being used for access platforms and utilities such as: retention tank, water pumps, wastewater treatment plant, hydrocarbon separator, transformer station, security cabins, parking lots etc.

All the warehouse spaces are fitted with refrigerators and electronic scales, they are closed off with insulated sandwich panels, they are provided with insulated doors, i.e. the doors and windows of the ancillary rooms being fitted with PVC joinery and double-glazed windows, and the interior platforms are trowel-finished concrete floors.

The exterior platforms, with a simultaneous parking capacity for 400 trailer trucks, are built out of steel fiber-reinforced concrete used in road constructions, provided with geiger wastewater
treatment and sewerage systems, a hydrocarbon separator and a fire fighting ring made out of 8 hydrants.

The foundations of the warehouse spaces and of the Administrative Building are made of reinforced concrete and their superstructure is metallic.Also, the whole complex is provided with a groundwater drainage system.The Complex consists of 125 individual warehouse spaces of 198 sqm each and a 2-storey
Administrative Building (ground floor + 1 st floor + 2 nd floor). Credit Europe Bank (266 sqm) and Garanti Bank (266 sqm) have rented spaces in the Administrative Building, and both of them are currently operating on two levels, i.e. ground floor and 1 st floor.

In addition to the banks, the complex also features a foreign exchange office, a hair salon/barber shop, a restaurant, a phyto-sanitary laboratory etc.Due to its location and high storage capacity, this complex is actually called the Su Market Logistic Center for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, and it is seen as the place where prices for fresh fruits and vegetables are set, since the high storage capacity of each warehouse space ensures control over prices, thus avoiding significant price variations which mostly affect the end-customers especially around the holidays.

The portfolio of clients who rent spaces and/or clients who have bought trade stands in this complex comprises Romanian legal entities with Romanian, Israeli, Greek, Italian, Turkish, Arab or Chinese shareholders who have made a name for themselves in the field of fresh fruits and vegetables imports, from countries such as: Greece, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Venezuela or other countries where exotic fruits and vegetables are being produced.

The opening of this complex had an important social impact, meaning that it contributed greatly to the development of the area, as it created at least 1200 jobs and the 125 companies which carry out their business here bring important financial contributions to the central and local budgets, i.e.
Afumati Municipality.

On a daily basis, 400 trailer trucks unload here fresh fruits and vegetables imported from countries that are the biggest fruit and vegetable producers, and the daily merchandise turnover is estimated at about EUR 8,000,000. 30% of the total volume of fresh fruits and vegetables sold in Su Market Commercial Complex is represented by domestic products, supplied by Romanian farmers.


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